Databat uses wireless technologies to estimate the amount of people in a given area. Technically speaking, we’re using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is a technology used by most smart devices.

Important Technical Caveat

Because Databat is using BLE (and in the future WiFi), we are not able to provide an exact people counter. For instance, one person might carry multiple devices with BLE and another person might not carry any.

That said, Databat is able to provide you with trends in the data, and with time as our algorithms learn, we aim to improve the accuracy by combining both WiFi and Bluetooth data.


If you are installing multiple Databat devices, you will be able to triangulate visitors across either a larger single area or multiple floors, ensuring that each visitor is only counted once.

Powered by Raspberry Pi

The device that acts as the sensor is a Raspberry Pi, one of the most popular “mini computers” ever made. Thanks to this tiny hardware, Databat is able to run on a minimal physical and electronic footprint.


We care deeply about privacy. This is why any data that leaves the devices are anonymized. This means that it cannot be aggregated and mined at scale. If a customer has multiple devices installed, it is possible to correlate data across the customers fleet, but not beyond that.

The actual source code for the is actually Open Source, which means that anyone can inspect what data is being captured, and what is being sent.